Invention and innovation are at the basis of transforming new ideas into tangible things.. Innovation is channeling creativity so as to produce ideas/products that people can and wish to use. An invention is anything that is novel and potentially practically applicable; an innovation is essentially novel, practically applicable and introduced to the market.

NanoShare 4.0 Srl is a Start-Up company in its very early stage of development with the mission to give a contribution for the transformation of tangible ideas and consolidated know-how in innovation.

NanoShare 4.0 Srl it is an innovative start-up, of very recent constitution, born in the second half of 2018 following the financing received within the Pre-seed call of the Lazio Region, based on specific preliminary results obtained by the founding members, also in collaboration with Nanoshare Srl (, in the realization of new Si-C hybrid materials to be used in the construction of Li ion batteries.

The general objectives of the company, identifyied as the main activities to be addressed also for future strategies can be summarized as follows:

  • Design, development and testing of equipment for the manufacture of materials and scaling up of the synthesis process;
  • Manufacture and characterization of electronic and electrochemical devices;
  • Setting-up of microstructural and functional characterizations of the materials.

The NanoShare 4.0 Srl team is composed of scientists with a long experience, both scientific and managerial, from Universities and Research Institution based in Rome supported by young researchers in order to conjugate industrial experience and business planning, with high efficiency developing activity. It includes “Soci Innovatori” (one of whom, Marco Vittori Antisari, a scientific expert with long experience in ENEA, is also the Chief Executive Officier) with decades of experience on manufacturing technologies and on the characterization of materials and systems for production and storage systems of energy. At their side in Nanoshare 4.0 S.r.l. operate young resources (currently 2 units) highly qualified to carry out research under the guidance of senior staff. Within the company are involved prominent professors and researchers of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and of the ENEA Casaccia Research Center, ensuring to the company a broad and qualified network of relevant scientific collaboration.

NanoShare 4.0 Srl was born as an innovative start-up with the aim of developing and marketing instrumentation inherent to the development of new nanostructured materials to be used as electrodes in advanced batteries. The specific know-how brought by the founding members allows us to tackle the issue with an innovative perspective and to focus on the large-scale synthesis of nanostructured hybrid materials, based on Si-C, with particularly attractive performances in the storage sector electric energy. The company is focusing its efforts on the main bottlenecks of the technological chain consisting in the technology and equipment for scaling up to the industrial relevant level, the synthesis process with sustainable, economic and environmentally clean methods. The company is developing this theme where it sees its main market sector, in collaboration with important technological players such as the University of Rome "Sapienza" and the ENEA laboratories of Casaccia. The main synthesis methodology on which we are actively working is based on the development of hybrid nanostructured materials obtained by deposition of Carbon nanostructures on nanostructured Si substrates.

NanoShare 4.0 Srl has focused its resources and attention on the electric energy storage as it represents, at the moment, one of the main key challenges of the modern global society, influencing everyday mobility, technology development and environmental sustainability. Even if different fields require specific performances, new materials capable of overcoming the limited energy storage capacity of electrochemical systems are underlying many issues representing the way for overtaking present limitations. The electrochemical energy storage is in fact more suitable in many applications, compared to chemical systems using traditional or alternative fuels such as petrol or hydrogen; in particular, in a long-term economic and environmental vision, offer the possibility of overcoming the aleatory of renewable sources.


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