Nanotechnologies represent an emergent domain having a great potential.
Nanoscience, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, as stated in Lisbon 2000, “could open a new era, enable, support and drive the 21th century knowledge-based society”.

Nanoscience, the new theoretic and descriptive domain, from which derive different nanotechnologies, is rightly defined as a “crucial, horizontal, qualifying science”. It allows combining such scientific disciplines that have been wrongly considered separated and different in the past.

Nanotechnologies, profiting by interdisciplinary and converging approaches, will contribute to the solution of problems typical of the modern society. They will give a contribution to medical applications, and to research fields related to food, water, environment, energy production, information technologies, robotics, biology, and in the science of cognition.

NanoShare 4.0 Srl offers its expertise on nanomaterials, nanotechnologies and related systems in order to define the right and affordable solution when the material is the key factor in the realizing innovative products that can move forward in the marketplace.

The Mission NanoShare 4.0 Srl is the Sustainable Development  for a better world through a better, more reliable and environmental friendly energy management.


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